This Privacy Policy explains our objectives and the policies that govern the collection, use and transfer of your personal information by God Music. This Privacy Policy is a part of God Music’s Terms of Use. God Music reserves the rights to review and make changes to this Privacy Policy while the app is updated and to keep current with local laws and regulations. Users are requested to review the Privacy Policy periodically. By contacting us through our website or application, you consent to the collection, storage and use of the personal data you provide us.

God Music takes the privacy of its users’ data very seriously. We take commercially reasonable steps and measures to ensure the safety of user data. User data is that which is provided by users and from tracking navigation within the app.


To access the God Music app and its services, users must provide some personal information including name, email address, gender, age, area code, a password for the app, interests, etc. This information is collected to enhance our services and provide a personalized in app experience based on user interests.

The company uses the above-mentioned information to protect and maintain God Music app’s services and to develop and enhance features within the application. The email address might be used for marketing and for administrative purposes such as, sending out notifications or updates, customer support, billing services, etc.

If, a user is uncomfortable with providing this information, God Music will be unable to provide certain services to them. The application will send notifications to these users in case a particular service is not accessible by them.



To enhance website/app responsiveness and enhance the user experience, the application may use ‘cookies’ to collect information. Based on the User ID, the user’s interests are identified using these cookies. Cookies have no access to read data from the user’s storage device or media, and it only contains information provided by users.

Information from other sources

Our website/app can obtain information about users from other sources. We add it to the respective account information and treat it in accordance with our policies. Updated contact information from third parties are collected, so that our users’ records are up-to-date.

Log file information

Our servers will collect selective information about the computer/mobile’s connection to the Internet, IP address, while visiting the God Music website/app. For certain user service purposes, information from devices such as location, device name, serial number, IP address, operating system, browser type, connection speed, etc. will be collected.


The company reserves the right to share users’ personal information with third parties, without obtaining consent from the user, in the following circumstances

  • When user information is requested by any court of law, any Government or regulatory authority for verification, investigation, prevention or prosecution, etc.
  • To offer improved services or user experience.

In some cases, the company may share user activity information on social media platforms to populate a social wall to improve the application’s exposure and services. Users can manage this in their privacy settings.


We have implemented commercially reasonable, industry standard security measures to protect data from unauthorized access, misuse, deletion or destruction. This includes but is not limited to internal reviews of data, processing practices, storage, appropriate encryption, and other physical security measures to safeguard systems and data. All information collected on the God Music platform is stored securely within God Music’s encrypted database. Despite these extensive security measures, we cannot guarantee that the information will not be intercepted over the internet. We will however, ensure that we always do our very best to keep your information and our systems safe.


Our policies are modified periodically to ensure we stay current with the constantly evolving threat landscape, local laws and regulations. In case of changes, the revised policies will be updated on the God Music website/app as soon as reasonably possible. Your continued use of our services after that modification indicates acceptance of such changes. We will also make efforts to notify you of the modification via email or through a push notification.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy, please write to us using the contact information available in the app.